Load and performance testing for J2EE – Slides made public

Alexandru Ersenie
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Hi all,

it has been a while since i have posted on my blog. Although i would have posted more often, a lot of things changed in my life, biggest of them being our son Philip, who came to the world last year in December. I decided therefore to take a little time off and focus more on our family and spending some quality time with the family’s new member 🙂

In the light of this, i would now like to return with a post that i have been postponing for a while, and share with you all the slides that i prepared for a presentation that i had held in Hamburg last year, organized by the Java User Group Hamburg, and focusing on Load and Performance Testing for J2EE.

I can only say it was a very successful presentation, in the attendance of about 50+ members of the group, on a highly interesting, but rather not that much talked about topic…performance testing in JAVA

You will find things like Performance Basics (scope, metrics, factors on performance, generating load, performance reports), Monitoring (Monitoring types, active and reactive monitoring, CPU, Garbage Collection monitoring, Heap and other monitoring) and Tools (open source tools for monitoring, reporting and analysing)

I would be happy to hear your feedback on this one, being an opinion, a question or even criticism…they are all welcomed

Load and Performance Testing for J2EE – An approach using open source tools – By Alexandru Ersenie




P.S. I will start answering to the comments in the days to come. Sorry for the delay

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