Pane Carasau Integrale

Pane Carasau Integrale

What defines this type of „Pane Carasau“ is its chrunchiness, its unmistakable flavor of toasted hazelnutss and its high content of fibers.


The result of the stone grinding process of the Grano Cappelli wheat is the whole wheat. The wheat germ contained by the whole wheat confers this bread a pleasent tase of toasted hazelnuts


The high content of fibers and proteins in this type of Pane Carasau makes it a first choice for athletes and fans of healthy nutrition alike


Made by making use of the natural leavening - the „Sa Madrihe“ - or better known as  „Lievito Madre“,  using the valuable durum wheat „Senatore Cappelli“, this bread is made out of wheat that has been stone grounded in a mill going back more than three generations, and baked strictly in wood ovens. 


This small, family driven bakery in Oliena -  the homeland of the true „Pane Carasau di Sardegna“ -  gives life to „Pane Carasau Integrale“ by selecting only local raw materials of highest quality, putting them magically together in a craftsmanship you will surely not find again: Cappelli - the stone ground wheat - , the natural yeast, the prolonged leavening in linen sheets, the baking in wood oven, and most importantly: love and passion


There is an intensive and meticulous care in all stages, which makes „Tundu Pane Carasau“ a product of highest quality, that follows the true baking tradition of the unique Sardinian bread. 


„Pane Carasau“ is baked following an antique traditional recipe, left leavening for 12 hours in linen and cotton sheets. Its particular processing gives it lightness, fragrance and flavor that makes it truly unique.


This treasured bread is a perfect match for vegetable soups and purées and cheeses, and goes alike with cured meat and other dished pickled in olive oil, beautifully called by the Italians „sottolio“: from vegetables to artichokes, fish and meat. 





Stone ground whole  wheat of the antique variety „Senatore Cappelli“ 

Sea salt from the Sardinian sea

Mother yeast


Allergens: contains gluten

  • Nutritional data

    Nutritional data per 100g
    Calories 1529kj/362kcal
    Fats 3.1g - out of which 0.6g saturated fat
    Carbohydrates 64g - out of which 3.3 sugar
    Fibers 9,8g
    Proteins 14g
    Salt 2,1g


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