A few words about me 🙂

I’m Alex.

It is not age and looks what defines us. They play no role in the game of life other than changing variables. It is the way we think, the things we do and don’t, the energy we create and spread that will leave a mark, a footprint in this huge, immeasurable, beautiful thing called universe. I’m here to shape my mark in it

I called this storyteller “tresmundi” for it shall be the place where the three most important worlds to me become one. There’ll be stories about the most important of them all, my family and friends, about the things we do, places we discover, the joy and happiness they bring and the creativity they nourish. And then there’ll be some about how we forget to look at the beauty around us, and how to learn looking again, with childish curiosity and innocence. And last but not least, there’ll be stories about the amazing human mind and the things it can create.

I was born in the city of Brasov, Romania. It’s a really beautiful city, some (a lot of them) say it is the most beautiful city in the whole country. Although i left it 13 years ago, it is and will always be the place linked to my child- and boyhood, the kind you can never take out of your heart. I like to think of it as my snowball, where i keep my friends, family and memories. It is one of the places where i go to recharge…